Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Program

For children ages 3 to 6 years
(Monday through Friday)
Full time/part time

Availability: 3days/4days/5days
Before Care/After Care

Children are different, each child learns with his/her own style and pace. We encourage all our children to explore the various areas of the classroom, we encourage the natural curiosity and creativity of children, helping them gain independence, self-discipline, and good communication skills. At Balsam Montessori we cherish every child’s wonder of learning and stimulate child’s development through “prepared environment” in different areas.

 our classroom

   Our Classroom is A Place to work, play and 
                           learn  together

shelf with toys

  • Children work in “prepared environment “: Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, Science and Practical Life
  • Planned classroom activities help children build strong social/communication skills, development relationships


  • Hands on manipulative activities encourage development of early reading/writing skills
  • Daily language experiences that support literacy and language  development
  • Vocabulary enrichment, daily exposure to books promote love of reading
  • Fine motor skill development through work with tracing geometric shapes, using knobbed puzzles in preparation for writing
  • Lessons in proper letter/number formation, word spacing
  • Encouragement of creative writing

Mathematical                     mathematics                 

  • Math and skills developed with hands-on experiences
  • Thematic units that encourage curiosity, self-direction and confidence
  • Material intensify conscious of quantity
  • Allows children to begin their mathematical journey from the concrete to the abstract through manipulation, experimentation and invention
  • Concrete materials help child gain physical understanding of math concepts
  • Decimal system (units, tens, hundreds, thousands) introduced starting at age 3
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are easily taught with the help of material


  • Sensorial material assists in natural development of the child and gives her a sense of self-identify and security within the learning environment
  • Provides a basis for learning in an orderly manner; assist the child in developing a system of classifying sensory information
  • Repetition and frequency of activities develop  perception of size, shape, color, weight, sound along with specific language
  • Is based on a logical learning sequence, progressing from the concrete to the abstract
  • Help to develop powers of observation such as attention and concentration

Practical Life    Maple Single Storage

  • Teaches child how to care for herself and her environment
  • Development of pride, responsibility, and problem solving skills
  • Teachers how to interact with others in a peaceful manner
  • Develop sense of order(putting material back where they belong)
  • Pride in work, high level concentration
  • Taking responsibility for any necessary clean up
  • Activities include spooning, tweezing, sweeping, dressing frames (for buttoning, snapping, zippering, tying, buckling), using scissors, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers
  • Lessons in grace and courtesy, safety, and personal health and hygiene


  • Further child’s curiosity about the world and natural interest in geography through work with globes and puzzle maps
  • Developing an awareness and appreciation of the diversity of people and cultures
  • Empowering children to come to the assistance of those in need through involvement in community service projects
  • The children learn about people from different lands, and so gain an awareness of the diversity of humankind, how we share a common humanity and the same basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and transport
  • Material also reinforces the child’s own distinctive culture

         aquarium                                     bowl with a fish

  • Allows the child to give reason to the world around himself through observation and testing
  • We help children gain awareness about the world on a larger scale. The material expands the child’s knowledge
  • Science allows us to label, define and explain the processes and elements of life around us.
  • Shows the child that he can have the impact on his environment
  • Expands the young child’s vocabulary and enhances his vision of the world and all its life (animals, plants, natural world)
  • Provides learning about our body’s “insides” answer all the “why” questions