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Welcome From The Directress!

tatiana[1]My name is Tatiana. I came to Canada from Ukraine in 1999 as a caregiver and worked for Canadian families with children until 2003. In Ukraine I was a Lecturer of the Teacher’s Training College. I have Master Degree in Education, Graduated from VCC (ECCE) in Vancouver and I hold my Montessori Teacher Diploma from the North American Montessori Center (NAMC) as well. Teaching is my cup of tea. My career in teaching started over 20 years ago when I combined my work at the college with teaching a Kindergarten group of children. Because of my desire to provide an alternative to traditional preschool, I began researching the various methods of early childhood education. During this research I discovered the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori and I quickly realized the positive effects of her teaching principals. That time there were only a few preschool facilities practicing Montessori program in our city, but the program found parents’ recognition very quickly. It was at that time that I realized my desire to teach and the love of children. I also realized that young children needed more then was provided in traditional settings. I observed that a preschool child’s educational needs varied and that all children develop at a different pace, however, the traditional curriculum didn’t, and still doesn’t, allow much room to address the individual needs of the child. I was interested in the problem of early childhood education, its principles, and new methodologies in working with children. I wrote articles on the subject and took part in the International conferences making reports.
Most Montessori schools start out in homes, churches, or rented buildings. Mine is no different. I have all of the traditional and extended Montessori learning materials and my home has a specially designed and equipped separate big area to provide this program for children. A low child/teacher ratio with all of the traditional Montessori materials will provide your child with a nurturing, educational and fun learning environment that will give them a head start on their education.